Applied Empathy

I decided to read the book Applied Empathy by Michael Ventura after seeing him 51odIYTrdPL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_on an interview with GaryVee. Here is the link to the video.  He brought up some good points about culture of your business and how you want to approach life and work. I decided to get a copy on the kindle app and read it.

Some of the ideas can apply to being a teacher. Having empathy for your students and understanding where they are coming from. Which can be tough when you are several generations older. It’s hard to remember what it was like being that age.  Many of the exercises help me get in touch with being in a positive place.

For the area of Inspired Self he says write down 5 things that you can do to put in the place of when you were last inspired. Self awareness and being present in the moment are mentioned in the book.

Here is my list of 5 things.

  1. Drawing something
  2. Cooking/Baking something
  3. Going for a walk at the park
  4. 3D Modeling
  5. Throwing on pottery

These things put me in that frame of mind where I lose track of time and the feeling I get inside makes me either feel or really think about the moment or excited. I think I’m going to try and do more of those things during the year.

Try it for yourself. Here is a link for the book on Amazon Applied Empathy.


Episode 11 – Interview with writer, Lynn Miller

In episode 11, of My Creative Life, I interviewed writer, Lynn Miller. She also happens to by my wonderful mother-in-law. She has been helping me create my greeting card line. Please tune in and enjoy!
Here is a link to the interview with Lynn Miller.

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Episode 10 – My Creative Life interview with Jim Collins, graphic design instructo


In episode 10, of My Creative Life, I interviewed graphic design instructor, Jim Collins. I have had the pleasure of working with Jim Collins, this past year, and he’s been great to work with. He is also retiring, after this school year ,from his long head position as a graphic arts educator. Congratulations Mr. Collins and have a happy retirement! Please tune in and enjoy!

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Episode 9 – Interview with Caryn Brown, Photography Instructor

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 6.46.40 PMJust posted Episode 9 of My Creative Life Podcast, an interview with photography instructor, Caryn Brown. I feel very fortunate that I got to meet her this year. I’ve learned so much from her positive spirit and support.  #photography #podcasting #interviewing #instructors #education #episode

My Creative Life Podcast Interview with Caryn Brown


End of the Year Thoughts

I’ve almost made it to the first of teaching again. It has been 9 yrs ago since my last first year. I’ve learned a lot. I think whenever you change grade levels or content area it is like your first year as a teacher again. I think it is helpful that I taught before because I do a better job of managing things. I know that there are lesson plans, rules, and protocol for each school and district. The change in the content area to Animation and Game Design had so much for me to learn. I had to learn a whole new set of software. It was more on the level of what a high school student needed to learn. I’m glad I stuck with the harder stuff because my gut told me from previous years of teaching to go with what is harder to appeal to the students that want a challenge. I wanted my student to use software that if they searched on a job site they would find job opportunities that required those skills. At first I was intimidated learning all of it but I have a feel for it.

I grew to find certain aspects of game design to be interesting. I don’t play video games. I’m not a gamer. It seems like a faux pas for me to say that. I never grew up with them. It was treated in the household that I grew up in, as a waste of time. I should be reading a book or making something. I had a cousin that had an Atari and a Commodore 64. You can tell my age.

I learned that game design is work/challenge and it has artistry and planning. There is a reason that there different people along the pipeline that specialize in a particular jobs. It’s really hard to know how to do everything involved in creating a game. The 3D modeling alone is time consuming. Then think if you have to animate it, create environments, and scripts to make everything work. It’s a lot. I think by the end of it you appreciate how the parts work together even if you aren’t a gamer. I think my students realized playing a video game is much easier then making one.

Next year I will for certain add more game design content. The students overall liked it. They liked 3D modeling. I’d do more of that as well. I love 3D modeling a lot. I would probably do more with Adobe Animate and After Effects. We just ran out of time and didn’t get to After Effects. Love that program.

It is all a work in progress. Next year I’ll be teaching graphic design and animation/game design. I hope I will get better at teaching it. I think the 2nd semester I did get better at it. We will see. It’s all a learning process. I’m learning that I need to try and not be so hard on myself. It’s the first year all over again even if it is my 9th year of teaching.

Episode 8 – Interview with James Kaye

10547287_440244266155208_833181053_aIn episode 8 of My Creative Life I interviewed artist, James Kaye. James is based out of Detriot, Michigan. He is a pin stripe artist, hand letter, and product designer. FYI, I realized after I recorded I said episode 7, but it really is 8. Goes by so quickly. Please tune in and enjoy!

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